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Journal paper says new hydride has promise for onboard hydrogen storage

13th December 2007

The discovery of a new form of hydride by researchers at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) could bring the widespread commercialisation of hydrogen fuelled cars a step closer, it has been claimed, in a paper published in the German Angewandte Chemie journal, which suggests that a new form of the compound lithium borohydride is capable of releasing hydrogen at moderate temperatures.

Previous 'incarnations' of the material, which is known to be a promising energy storage system as it can contain 18% of hydrogen by weight, had led scientists to believe that hydrogen could only be released by lithium borohydride at temperatures above 300 decrees C.

However, the new compound is unstable - which is crucial, as all the other known forms of the material are too stable to release hydrogen,

(Adfero Ltd/, 12 December)

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